The Undead Gentleman

The Undead Gentleman cocktail with no garnish

Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with the absinthe. Shake with ice and strain into the glass.

This is a drink created by Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove, though it is pretty much the same as the Jet Pilot with a slightly different blend of rums. The Jet Pilot comes from The Luau, a Tiki restaurant in Beverly Hills in the 1950s.

The drink is nothing but a Zombie that has been civilized and taught to behave. The Zombie is an iconic drink of the early Tiki era but it comes with a heavy load of rum. Save for a teaspoon of grenadine, Martin simply omits one shot of rum to render the drink more palatable to modern tastes.

This is another delightful rum sour with autumnal overtones coming from the cinnamon. The ingredients blend very well though there is a higher alcohol content than most cocktails. (Serve 1½ times the above quantities between two people to lower the impact.) This recipe is not far removed from another of Martin's recipes, the Rumbustion Punch. Maybe serve this one at Halloween to give the evening that little extra kick from the undead.