Recipe Chart for the Sours

A Sour includes spirit, lemon or lime juice and a sweetener. Simple (sugar) syrup, flavored syrups and liqueurs are used as the sweetener, sometimes with additional fruit juices. Bitters or herbs can also be added as an aroma accent.

Here's a chart of the ingredients in our Sour recipes. They appear to fall into five groups: Simple Sours, Daisies (Liqueur Sours), Syrup Sours, Juiced-up Daisies and Tiki Punch. Even our Tiki drinks may be counted among the Sours.

Cocktail Spirit Juice Syrup Liqueur Extras
Simple Sours
Daiquiri rum lime simple
Bennett gin lime simple bitters
Gin Basil Smash gin lemon simple basil
Lemon Drop vodka lemon simple
Pisco Sour pisco lime simple egg white
Daisies (Liqueur Sours)
Margarita tequila lime triple sec
Bramble gin lemon crème de cassis
Aviation gin lemon crème de violette maraschino
Corpse Reviver #2 gin lemon triple sec quinquina
Last Word gin lime Chartreuse maraschino
Lumière gin lime Chartreuse elderflower bitters
Royal Bermuda rum lime falernum curaçao
Syrup Sours
Gimlet gin lime cordial
Ginger Basil Gimlet gin lime ginger basil
Bacardi Cocktail rum gin lime grenadine
Original Hurricane rum lemon passion
Barbados Rum Punch rum lime Demerara bitters
Rumbustion Punch rum lime cinnamon Demerara Herbsaint bitters
Mai Tai rum lime orgeat curaçao
Marlin rum lemon lime orgeat curaçao maraschino
Fire of Olympus tequila lime blackberry reduction triple sec jalapeño
Rio Verde mezcal lime jalapeño-agave Chartreuse vermouth
Juiced-up Daisies
Cosmopolitan vodka cranberry lime triple sec
Hemingway Daiquiri rum grapefruit lime maraschino
Hotel Nacional rum pineapple lime apricot
Singapore Sling gin pineapple lime triple sec cherry Bénédictine bitters
Tiki Punch
Royal Hawaiian gin pineapple lemon orgeat
Piña Colada rum pineapple lime cream of coconut bitters
Planter's Punch rum orange pineapple lemon simple grenadine bitters
Hurricane rum orange lime passion grenadine
Port Au Prince rum pineapple lime Demerara grenadine falernum bitters
Navy Grog rum grapefruit lime Demerara pimento dram
The Undead Gentleman rum grapefruit lime cinnamon falernum absinthe bitters