Cocktail Navigation Guides

Clip from the chart of Sours Recipes

Recipe Chart for the Sours

There's a structure behind a good cocktail recipe. By listing the recipes for our favorite Sours by ingredient type we can trace the progression from Simple Sours all the way to Tiki concoctions by changing one type of ingredient at a time.

Clip from the chart of Aromatics Recipes

Recipe Chart for the Aromatics

Listing the recipes of the Aromatic cocktails by ingredient type we see that they fall into three groups each based on a classic cocktail: Old Fashioned, Manhattan/Martini and Negroni.

Clip from the bottle-by-bottle trail map

Bottle-by-Bottle Trail Guide

Here's a trail guide to help you get started mixing cocktails with the minimum number of bottles. It visits all of our favorite cocktails with no trail longer than seven bottles. Like all good trail guides it comes with a Trail Map and there's also the charts of the Sours and the Aromatics to help you choose a trail.

Collage of cocktail photos

Guided Tour

Here's a tour of the cocktail recipes on our top shelves. We give a little of the history of each drink and where it came from. The tour starts with the oldest and simplest of the drinks, the Whiskey Sour. By changing one ingredient at a time we try to show the evolution of the drink recipes and how they are connected. The recipe Charts for the Sours and the Aromatics also illustrate these connections.