Cocktail Hour

 cocktail in a martini glass

As the sun sinks slowly below the yard arm it's time for Cocktail Hour to begin.

Cocktail Hour is a time to review the day's events, to talk to each other, to relax and to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail.

Here are our favorite recipes for a really nice drink.

The journey began when we tried to plant a Margarita Tree. But, like the Margarita Tree, it didn't take off until the book The New Cocktail Hour revealed the way. Now, with years of dedicated research behind us, we'd like to share the best of what we have discovered. (And in the interest of science, and to avoid unnecessary loss of brain cells, we'll share the failures too.)

In addition to the recipes, we've put together a few guides to help sort the wormwood from the Margarita trees:

Peter and Kathy at the bar
Peter & Kathy